From the Director

Dear  Students,


On behalf of the entire academic and administrative staff of School of Foreign Languages, I welcome you to the current academic year of 2016-2017. I would also like to congratulate all the newly enrolled students on making the next step into a bright future at Hacettepe University.

School of Foreign Languages provides language teaching services to almost all faculties and colleges at Hacettepe  University with the specially designed preparatory programs and a variety of must and elective foreign language courses. Especially for those students who are enrolled in the preparatory programs, School of Foreign Languages stands as the first step to university life. In awareness of this important fact,  our school aims at equipping the students with an all-important prerequisite for the kind of effective engagement and personal development implied by university education and the modern world; that is,  the learning and  improvement of foreign language skills that will help them succeed both in their academic endeavor and in their future professional workforce.

People in our globalizing world are all increasingly challenged to equip themselves with promising potentials. One of the most beneficial ways leading to this end  is the study of foreign languages. Knowing a foreign language well means something more than simply being able to communicate with others from different cultures for daily purposes. It also means producing an awareness of cross-cultural, linguistic and cognitive differences;  it is a door opening to new insights, mental capacities, analytic, interpretive and critical thinking skills. It is to be able to express our thoughts through the medium of a different linguistic system. It means direct  access to primary sources of knowledge, literature, and other informative or entertaining electronic information flows to understand them in their original forms. Among many others, it is also a marketable skill for a wealth of professional and further educational opportunities and  for enhancing the chances for promotion.

In appreciation of all these, we highly recommend that you all make the utmost use of every opportunity provided in our school to develop your foreign  language skills. Probably never in your life again will you have a full year to spend for foreign language learning. Your responsibility to turn this year into a year of gains in a foreign language will almost certainly pay back both in your university education and in your future career.

I wish you all a happy and successful academic year.


Prof. Dr. S. Nalan Büyükkantarcıoğlu



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