Professional Development Unit

Professional Development Unit was established to carry out professional development activities at our school. Its goals are:

  1. To support newly appointed faculty members with an intensive in-service training program in the adaptation process,
  2. To provide guidance to all faculty members to develop their professional knowledge and skills,
  3. To organize national or international meetings, seminars and conferences, etc. at our school.


Teacher training at School of Foreign Languages, whose activities were implemented in different forms in the past, have been initiated within two main and two supportive programs since the beginning of 2017-2018. The first aim of the programs is to empower the novice teachers who have recently participated into the school by adapting them into the administrative and academic processes of our school, and informing them about the course contents and instructional methods and techniques. The entrance level of the training program for novice teachers can be different; however, it lasts approximately three years. In addition, the training unit can employ any kinds of activities regarding the needs of our staff. Moreover, we consider to implement the collaborative projects with the other stakeholders in the field of teacher training.

Unit Coordinator:

  • Dr. Seçil Dayıoğlu Öcal


Hacettepe University School of Foreign Languages, Beytepe 06800 Ankara
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