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Öğr. Gör. Taeyeong Lee :

Contribute to developing the Speaking TOPIK and win a round-trip ticket to KOREA

Students from Hacettepe University are participating in this project by the Korean government. We need a large number of participants, so if you would like to participate, please email us by November 16th.

한국어 말하세요?
Do you speak Korean?

Be part of the Korean language education evolution and help us develop the artificial intelligence, which will assess and score the Korean abilities, accents, pronunciation of people from all around the world. That way, the AI will be able to recognize Korean language spoken by everybody and give them a fair score when taking the Speaking TOPIK.

In order to participate you must be able to read Hangeul, but do not worry, we are not looking for perfection.

The "all-you-can-cheat mock-test" will be recorded at home, from your computer, on our platform.

· You will receive the questions in advance, so you can be prepared, using all the resources that you have. You also have a "redo" button that you can use twice, which gives you 3 chances for each answer.

· The test takes around 2 hours with preparation time, but we give you one week to complete it (you can take as many breaks as you want).

· It consists of: reading words, reading sentences, reading paragraphs, listen and repeat, answer questions, describe pictures, etc.

· GDPR is in place, so do not worry, your data is safe with us.


  1. you practice your Korean speaking (it's quite fun also)
  2. you will be amongst the first ones to test the software
  3. most probably the AI will recognize your voice when you take the Speaking TOPIK test in the future
  4. you will receive evaluation and feedback from a professor from top universities in Korea
  5. you will receive a gift from Korea
  6. you have the opportunity to win a round-trip ticket to Korea



Please fill the information below if you want to join this project and e-mail to

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Please select your Korean proficiency level.

____ Beginner (level 0 to 3) ____ Advanced (level 4 to 6)